The good folks over at Telltale Games have managed to cough up a fine amount of buzz from us '80s and '90s movie nerds with the news that they'd be creating new video games for fan-favorites like 'Back to the Future' and 'Jurassic Park.'

The 'Back to the Future' game is being released via five different episodes, with the first two episodes available now. When episode one debuted in December, Joystiq said "it fits right in with the franchise's Saturday morning serial pacing and penchant for outlandish action set pieces," though they did admit it was a bit of an easy play, adding that the game has "been tuned for a larger, more casual audience that Telltale seems to be hoping the license will draw in."

With 'Back to the Future' doing well (check out the trailer for Episode 2 after the jump, featuring Marty and Doc traveling back to the prohibition era to stop the Tannen crime family from altering history forever), Telltale is now beginning to promote their 'Jurassic Park' game, which picks up following a story-point from the first film -- Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) failing to smuggle the dinosaur embryo off the island -- and takes off from there.
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