Olivia Wilde is probably not going to play Lara Croft in a film reboot of the 'Tomb Raider' franchise; the fact that a gossip site called The Fan Carpet is the source of this rumor is the only proof we need of that. However, Cinema Blend (where we first saw the news) put it best: the upside to posting any wild and crazy Olivia Wilde rumor is that you can start your story with a big picture of Ms. Wilde. See above.

One of the biggest rising stars on the film scene right now, Wilde was a highlight of 'TRON: Legacy' for fans, and the sole redeeming feature for those who hated the film. Next she'll be seen battling aliens in the old west alongside Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in this summer's 'Cowboys and Aliens' (and we certainly can't disregard her long-running role on TV's 'House'). Her appeal is not just that she's easy on the eyes; she brings genuine warmth and intelligence to all of the roles she plays.

We here at Cinematical are rather fond of Olivia Wilde. We're unashamed of that. Seeing that she's becoming one of the go-to gals for casting geeky projects, we're also unashamed to fan cast her in a few geek-centric roles that she'd easily knock out of the park. Speaking of Lara Croft...
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