Lines like "You have to believe me!" and "I'm not crazy!" are two of my favorite staples of the thriller genre. And you'll find plenty of variations on all of them in today's theatrical release of 'Unknown.'

Liam Neeson stars as a very confused biochemist who wakes up from a car accident while on a business trip to Berlin only to find his wife (January Jones) doesn't recognize him and there's some other guy (Aidan Quinn) who appears to have stolen his life. Including his wife!

Naturally, all of his identification was lost in the accident, so he has no way of proving he's who he says he is. And given his wife is going along with the other guy, things really don't look good for him. So, Neeson's character enlists help from an improbably attractive cabbie (Diane Kruger) and a retired German spy (Bruno Ganz) to get to the bottom of everything.
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