Back in 1982, a young Tim Burton was working at Disney in the animation department where he did concept art for wholesome family films like 'The Fox and the Hound.' Given his penchant for the dark and macabre, he naturally clashed with his corporate overlords at the House of the Mouse, but in his free time he managed to make a very sweet (albeit dark) short film entitled 'Vincent.' The six-minute film was about a boy who dreamed of being Vincent Price. Burton even got the legendary horror icon to narrate.

It turned out to be a pivotal moment in Burton's career. It helped push him onto the path he's still traveling today, and it's a great story about how you should follow your dreams and stick to your guns even when people don't seem interested in your unique take on the world.

Now, nearly 30 years later, filmmaker Brian Ochab is hard at work on 'Tim,' a stop-motion animation film that pays tribute to both 'Vincent' and Tim Burton. Since we lost Vincent Price years ago, Ochab had to find another actor to narrate the tale -- and he settled on the inimitable Christopher Lee. We like that casting.

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