I'm starting to become convinced that if Liam Neeson released one action thriller every February from now until kingdom come, the first quarter of every moviegoing year would be much more consistently interesting than it currently is. Neeson has transformed himself from the austere thespian who once appeared in 'Schindler's List' and 'Kinsey' to a credibly physical (albeit decidedly mature) action star -- a matinee idol with actorly bona fides and a bruiser's physique.

And 'Unknown,' his latest entry in this almost shockingly irresistible series of "Neesploitation" pictures, is like its predecessor, 'Taken': pulpy and absurd, but utterly watchable, the kind of movie that you will almost invariably prefer on a Sunday afternoon to either the submoronic blockbusters like 'Clash of the Titans' or even the arid dramas for which the actor was previously known.
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An accident victim (Liam Neeson) awakes and finds that his wife does not recognize him. Read More