UPDATE: HitFix is now reporting that the game's publisher is denying reports that they've sold the rights.

Three days ago the Internet became obsessed with the announcement trailer for the video game 'Dead Island.' In a matter of hours the video, which stylishly glimpsed the story of one family's vacation to a zombie-infested tropical resort, went viral, racking up millions of views in the process. And when something goes viral that fast, naturally Hollywood is going to pay close attention to it. Enter the Sean Daniel Company and Union Entertainment.

In less than 72 hours after the trailer hit, producer Sean Daniel ('The Mummy,' 'Dazed and Confused,' 'The Wolfman') began option negotiations with the game's publisher, Deep Silver. Yesterday those negotiations closed for an undisclosed amount of money going to Deep Silver and game developer Techland for the film rights to the movie. No time frame production or writing/directing talent have been announced thus far, but with a producer like Sean Daniel on board, it's likely this isn't just a case of a studio calling dibs on a hot topic and then sitting idly by while the frenzy for it goes cold.

The game - which isn't even about the particular family in the trailer - isn't expected to hit until this coming holiday season, though don't be surprised if that release window slips a bit in order to maximize awareness of both the film and the game. We'll keep an eye out for news between now and then, of course, but in the mean time here's the trailer once again.