If you enjoyed Danny Boyle's'127 Hours,' you may also like the underrated 2004 movie 'Open Water.'

Both films are based upon true stories, in which people are caught in physical and psychological dilemmas that threaten to kill them (and, incidentally, take one of their limbs).

Viewers who have seen '127 Hours' know the story: mountain-climber Aron Ralston (Franco) slips and falls while hiking in Utah and gets his right arm trapped by a boulder. For the next 127 hours, Ralston fights to survive, and quickly realizes that the only way to get out alive is to amptuate his own arm.
127 Hours
Based on 38 critics

Mountaineer Aron Ralston must make an agonizing choice after his arm becomes pinned by a boulder. Read More

Open Water
Based on 38 critics

Scuba divers (Blanchard Ryan, Daniel Travis) become stranded in shark-infested waters. Read More

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