Lord Voldemort is an evil wizard, whose only goal is to destroy all Muggle life. Charlie is a 14-year-old domestic short-haired cat. You'd think it would be easy to tell the two creatures apart, but that would mean having faith in the human race to react to something appropriately.

Charlie -- an orphaned cat, living in an English animal shelter -- became a celebrity last week, when it was reported that no one wanted to adopt him. Now let's pile on the sadness and tell you why: Charlie suffered from skin cancer and had to have his nose and ears amputated. As a result, he looks a lot like the fictional character from the 'Harry Potter' series and workers at the shelter are claiming that the resemblance freaked out all the prospective visitors. Apparently, it is a legitimate concern that in addition to coughing up hairballs, he may also be a Parselmouth.

It looked hopeless for the poor feline, until just today, when he finally got some good news.
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