There are countless young actresses in Hollywood who are hovering on the verge of becoming the next big thing; each one of them possesses a certain indefinable something, and is poised for A-list immortality as soon as their big break syncs up with equally big box office returns. But Teresa Palmer isn't just waiting for that serendipitous convergence of preparation and opportunity, she's making it happen; and after watching her steal the end of the new film 'I Am Number Four,' you may find yourself wondering why she wasn't just given the film to begin with.

We sat down with Palmer at a Los Angeles press day for 'I Am Number Four,' in which she plays Number Six, an ass-kicker and name-taker who helps the title character come of age as a warrior in his own right. In addition to talking about the various physical challenges she faced while fleshing out her latest role, she offered some insights about her other upcoming role in the comedy 'Take Me Home Tonight,' and reflected on the trajectory her career has taken thus far – not to mention where she wants it to go.
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I Am Number Four
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