Seeing as potential 'Ghostbusters 3' director Ivan Reitman just shot Ashton Kutcher for the film 'No Strings Attached,' it makes sense that the actor would be circling the long-awaited 'Ghostbusters' sequel. As it stands right now, Bill Murray is in possession of a 'Ghostbusters 3' script that many people seem happy with. As previously reported, it would appear as if the entire movie hinges on whether Murray -- who's been kinda-sorta bashing the project since its inception -- approves the script and agrees to star.

While the world awaits Murray's answer (knowing him, he's probably reading a page every other day just because he can), Reitman and Kutcher talked up the possibility that Kutcher could be one of those rumored "new recruits." Answering questions about the sequel during a junket, Digital Spy reports that Reitman said it's "absolutely possible" that Kutcher could join the cast.

As a fan of the franchise (and we're sure many of you agree), it's difficult to support the addition of Ashton Kutcher when his recent filmography is less attractive than Sloth from 'The Goonies.' Over the years the guy has become more successful behind the scenes than in front of the camera (and more power to him), but his name attached to a movie doesn't exactly reach positively beyond those fans who think he looks hot in the Nikon camera commercials.

Then again, maybe he has the right sense of humor for the role, and can help attract a wider (read: younger) audience to the potential sequel. Thoughts?
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