Yesterday Deadline broke the story that Kevin Costner is up for a role in Zack Snyder's upcoming 'Superman' movie, and that's really all we have on the issue. One of the commenters over at Deadline made an interesting point: perhaps the Superteam is taking a page from the Batcave, and offering small but integral roles to well-known actors. (Like Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, for example.)

But unless Mr. Costner is being hired for a "new" character or a relatively obscure one, the choices are few: the all-American western-lover could be playing A) mega-villain Lex Luthor, B) adopted pop Jonathan Kent, C) biological father Jor-El, or D) Perry White. As one of those film critics who actually still likes Kevin Costner (yes, really), I'd cast a loud vote for the fourth option. As played by Frank Langella in 'Superman Returns' and Jackie Cooper in the franchise that began with 'Superman: The Movie' (1978), Perry White is a fast-talking, sharply intelligent newspaper editor who doesn't take any crap, but also has a soft spot for his loyal employees Clark, Lois, and Jimmy.

A nice, colorful, essential supporting role for a movie star / character actor who still does good work. This sounds good to me. (Forget everything I just said if Costner is ultimately cast as a super-villain in spandex. That'd be just silly.) Our pals at Latino Review say Costner will be Pa Kent; what say you?
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