Sweet Smell of Success

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For Blu-ray Vets:

'Sweet Smell of Success'

What It's About: A powerful entertainment columnist abuses the weakness of a desperate press agent to break up his sister's romance. With Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis.

New Features: Audio commentary by film scholar James Naremore, 46-minute documentary on director Alexander Mackendrick, 22-minute feature on cinematographer James Wong Howe, video interviews with Neil Gabler on Walter Winchell and James Mangold on Mackendrick

Transfer/Audio: "Looks highly remarkable - a magnificent transfer," according to Gary Tooze at DVD Beaver.

Replay Value: As corrosive and cynical as it is, 'Sweet Smell' rewards multiple viewings. For one thing, it affords the opportunity to appreciate the acid-laced dialogue in the script by Ernest Lehman, a one-time press agent himself who knew a thing or two about the dynamics of power and persuasion, as well as the gorgeous black-and-white photography.

More than one viewing also allows you to soak in the brutal performances by Burt Lancaster as the cold, manipulative, merciless columnist and Tony Curtis as the self-loathing press agent, as well as the eternal questions the film raises: What price ambition? Does power always corrupt? What place, if any, does morality have in the marketplace?

Further reading: Our own David Ehrlich reviewed the film in his Criterion Corner a few days ago.
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