• We're not sure if geeks can handle this one, but here it is: An image of Jessica Rabbit wearing a Slave Leia costume. Do with that what you will. [via Geekologie]

• Yes, Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes will team with Sony Pictures on a film based on the comic 'Zombies Vs. Robots.' Story will follow a young girl (who's also the last survivor on earth) and the pack of robots that protect her from zombies who have evolved and are intelligent enough to ... fight robots, we guess.

• Though rumors suggest otherwise, Kiefer Sutherland -- perhaps in an effort to remain relevant -- claims there will definitely be a '24' movie and that they'll hopefully start next January with Tony Scott directing.

• Start saying your goodbyes because Blockbuster is now officially for sale. Any takers? Yeah, didn't think so.

• While we thought the film rights for that 'Dead Island' game were already snatched up (thanks to the Game Trailer Heard Around the World), it appears no such deal is done yet and the company that developed the game is still fielding offers.
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