If you don't happen to live in England but were really dying to see Danny Boyle's stage adaptation of Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein,' then we've got good news. Cancel your plane ticket and put away your passport because the National Theater Live is bringing a broadcast of the play to a theater (marginally) near you.

Boyle's play, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch (best known for playing Sherlock Holmes in the British TV series 'Sherlock') and Jonny Lee Miller of 'Trainspotting' fame, has already sold out all of its future dates in England. Miller and Cumberbatch play the mad scientist and the hideous creature he creates, but in an interesting twist, the actors switch roles on specific dates. This is seemingly done to highlight the "twin" nature of Frankenstein and his monster as presented in Shelley's novel -- and has resulted in some people buying tickets to see the show twice for the full effect.

To help promote the screenings, a minute-long trailer has been released. It looks quite impressive.

Hit the jump for dates, locations and a look at the trailer.