By now most of you have probably seen the 1997 documentary 'Trekkies,' about folks who go a bit overboard when it comes to their love of all things 'Star Trek.' We've always found 'Trekkies' to be a ridiculously addictive film, partly because it's fun to watch people lose themselves so completely in a science fiction franchise, but also because of its positive message (be who you are no matter how many people may think you're nuts) and the way with which this one piece of entertainment brings so much joy and happiness to the lives of millions of people worldwide.

It was only a matter of time until Star Wars got its own fan-related documentary -- one that celebrated the most unique, creative and hardcore fans without all that extra whining and complaining you tend to get from other Star Wars fan docs. 'Jedi Junkies,which is now available for purchase or rental via Amazon (where you can buy the DVD) or iTunes, documents the lives of several massive Star Wars fans who've found ways to incorporate the franchise into their everyday lives.