There's a big difference between a movie simply set in Boston and a truly genuine "Boston movie."

Beantown natives and film buffs can easily spot a movie with enough Boston flair to color every aspect of the film. Some examples include the crime thriller 'The Departed' or the crime thriller 'The Boondock Saints' or the crime thriller 'Mystery Street' or ... you get the idea.

That means that movies set in Boston, like this year's 'The Social Network' or the Harvard comedy 'Legally Blonde,' don't count here. (Sadly, the author's personal favorite -- the unintentionally campy 'Southie: Toughest Neighborhood in America' -- had to be cut, too.)

With 'The Fighter' nominated for seven Oscars, Moviefone is counting down the 13 best Boston movies (in order), and yes, there's even one that isn't just about guns. Get ready for some wicked-good films.