There are a lot of dumb movie titles out there. This week alone two such films are opening –- 'Drive Angry 3D' and 'Biutiful.' The former is just plain stupid. Drive angry? Really? The poster doesn't help, either, with Nicolas Cage grimacing, well, angrily, behind the wheel. You'd think a movie about a guy who breaks out of hell to save his baby granddaughter from a satanic sacrifice could elicit a less moronic title. Like 'Vigilante From Hell,' for instance. Or, you know, anything else.

The latter, 'Biutiful,' is annoying because of the intentional misspelling. That isn't how you spell beautiful in English, Spanish or any other language. I've heard the rationale behind the purposeful disregard for the dictionary. Apparently it's a nod to the orthographical spelling in Spanish of how the English "beautiful" sounds to Spanish speakers.

Ok, fine, I get it. But that doesn't mean I have to like it. Proper spelling and grammar have been steadily going downhill alongside the proliferation of text culture, not to mention Spell Check and Autocorrect. With all of the fancy technology to "fix" our spelling, a lot of people today probably don't know how to spell things properly on their own, and intentionally misspelled movie titles aren't going to help matters one bit. Not one bit, I tell you!
Biutiful Movie Poster
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