Love it, hate it, or barely even remember it, Mick Jackson's 'The Bodyguard' was a pretty massive hit back in 1992. (Back when $121 million domestic was big money.) Yes, kids, there was a magical time when Kevin Costner + Whitney Houston = box office wonderment ... if only for a few months. Written by Lawrence Kasdan (yes, really), 'The Bodyguard' was about (get this) a former Secret Service agent who must protect a movie star from things. They also fall in love. There is, I believe, a shootout at the end.

This is a plot that somebody in Hollywood deemed worthy of a remake. You could just as easily make a movie about a bodyguard without calling it a remake ... but then we wouldn't be writing about it this early, I suppose. (Well played, Hollywood!) According to Variety, the hero this time around will be a veteran of the Iraqi war. Probably so we know we're not watching the old version. No casting or director yet, but we do have producer Dan Lin ('Sherlock Holmes') and the first-time screenwriting team of Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer on the case for WB.

So clearly I'm not a fan of the original flick, which is good news for the remake. They can only improve upon it! (Yikes, that's entirely untrue, come to think of it.) All we really want to know is who'll be recording the inevitable new cover of "I Will Always Love Youuuu."
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