The four-time Oscar nominee Julianne Moore stars in a new horror movie, 'Shelter,' which was supposed to open this week, but -- not too surprisingly -- the Weinsteins are playing their usual chess game and have pulled it from release. Goodness knows we love horror movies, but let's face it: as far as prestige is concerned, they're just a step above the Three Stooges and a step below romantic comedies. Regardless, it got me thinking about all the times that high-profile and respectable actors have taken on jobs such as this. And I'm not talking about high-profile movies, either. Were they interested in the movie's themes? Did they need a paycheck? Who knows?

1. (tie) Bette Davis in 'Wicked Stepmother' (1989) and Joan Crawford in 'Trog' (1970)
Bette Davis was a two-time Oscar winner and Joan Crawford was a one-time winner, and they both went down this sad track, winding up their respective careers with these two movies, the final theatrical film for each. The road to horror started when they made the huge hit 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?' (1962) together, and audiences presumably demanded more, but how much more was up for debate. 'Trog' is from Hammer alumnus Freddie Francis, and it's as bad as it sounds. 'Wicked Stepmother' (1989) is by Larry Cohen, one of the most prolific of "B" movie makers, and it's worse than it sounds.
Wicked Stepmother
In Theaters on February 3rd, 1989

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The Wicker Man
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