Even if the Academy Awards weren't looming large in the foreground of film coverage this week, the Oscars seem to inspire ongoing debate over which nominees were duly rewarded, who was robbed, and which nominees should have joined the ranks of the also-rans. This year's competition is racing toward a photo finish, with pundits and experts predicting different winners with equally powerful logic, we at Moviefone decided to recuse ourselves from that conversation and focus on the far more important task of pointing out the Academy's many oversights in past years.

Without getting encyclopedic -- because, quite frankly, who couldn't come up with a different and equally worthy collection of films and filmmakers that should have won? -- we assembled a dream team of sorts of should-have-been-winners from the annals of cinema history. Notably, none of our bizarro-world winners below were even nominated, and yet they continue to overshadow (if not fully obliterate) the winners and even other nominees from the years in which they were eligible.