Between the depressing state of last year's mainstream releases and that spectacular Mark Harris piece on the death of storytelling in Hollywood, movie fans have every right to be down in the dumps. While we all complain and moan about how movies seem to be getting worse with every passing year, only The Moki Blog was crazy and/or smart enough to build a complex chart (see it after the jump) examining this phenomenon in ridiculous detail.

The chart takes the 20 most popular films of each year for the past 20 years and reflects the film's box office (how large the circle is on the chart), critical reception (the color of the circle) and how polarizing the film was to audiences at large (the circle's placement on the vertical axis). The result? Yep, movies do seem to be getting steadily worse.

Whether or not the final chart is scientifically sound is a debate we'll leave to the smartest among us, but in the meantime feel free to strap on your lab coat, break out your thinking cap and dramatically whip off your glasses to show how serious the situation is as you look over these findings.

A few stray observations after the jump...
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