Can you feel it? Can you sense the impending cinematic lunacy of the world's first 3D car movie? Does Nicolas Cage breaking out of hell and putting the R-rated hurt on the Satanists that killed his daughter loom large in your mind? It can only mean one thing: 'Drive Angry' is almost upon us.

We've already spoken with the film's director, Patrick Lussier, and its stunt coordinator, Johnny Martin, and today we'd like to share our chat with 'Drive Angry's' resident hottie, Amber Heard ('All the Boys Love Mandy Land,' 'The Stepfather').

Is 'Drive Angry' as insane as I hope it's going to be?

Amber Heard: Yes! It's innnnnsane. This movie is a full-on, full-throttle, high octane action-thriller. It's myself and Nic Cage saving the world from evil Satanic forces. It's loud guns, big explosions, fast cars and me in daisy dukes, of course. What more could you want?
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Drive Angry
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