'Hall Pass' is about two men (played by Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis) who, after years of only being with their wives, are granted a one-week reprieve from their marriage vows. The guys immediately embark on a mission to score as many women as they can bed.

If you're able, set aside the movie's most controversial plot point, the comparatively novel one about getting a free pass from matrimony. Instead, let's focus on the second-most controversial part of the film's equation -- namely, that it involves characters on a sexual quest. Blame Hollywood if you must, but horndogs with one-track minds are not as rare in filmdom as you might expect.

In an effort to prepare viewers for the bawdiness of 'Hall Pass' (it's a Farrelly Brothers film, after all), Moviefone looks at five of our favorite movie characters who are desperate for sex.