On Thursday, Cinematical posted a story about director Jonathan Liebesman's plans to convert his upcoming film 'Clash of the Titans 2' (also known as 'Wrath of the Titans') into 3D rather than shoot the film with 3D cameras. In his explanation, he indicated that the film's distributor, Warner Bros., showed him a number of 3D conversions which convinced him that the process improved since the first 'Clash of the Titans,' and said that Christopher Nolan's 'Inception' was among the films he said he saw.

Since then, we've contacted a number of folks who work with Nolan and Warner Brothers in an attempt to find out more specific details about the possibility that 'Inception' was being converted into 3D for a future Blu-ray or possible theatrical re-release. Friday morning, a representative for Warner Home Video responded with a decidedly vague but nevertheless promising answer to our question:
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