Fun news on a Friday night: The Hollywood Reporter tells us producer Christopher Nolan and director Zack Snyder are real interested in having Viggo Mortensen play Superman villain General Zod in the December 2012 blockbuster. He hasn't been offered anything yet, and he's wanted for 'Snow White and the Huntsman' as well, so chances are scheduling conflicts may keep him away from it. Still, what this does appear to confirm is that Zod is, in fact, the film's villain, which is something we assumed when Ursa casting stories began surfacing earlier this month.

Mortsensen isn't the only actor they're looking at, but he is said to be the one they want. He joins three female roles that also need to be cast -- those of which probably include Ursa, Lois Lane and another unnamed character who may or may not become part of a love triangle between Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Like Mortensen, Kevin Costner is also being included at the top of the filmmakers' wish-list for the part of "Pa" Kent.

Thoughts on Mortensen as Zod? Who else would you put on that short-list if not him?
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