File this under bastardization: The Weinstein Co. has received an OK from the MPAA's Classification and Ratings Administration to reissue 'The King's Speech,' which is rated R, in a PG-13 version to allow it to be shown to teens and kids. CARA gave the film the R-rating for two scenes where the F-word is uttered numerous times as part of King George's (Colin Firth) efforts to overcome his stuttering. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Weinstein Co. has agreed to withdraw the original R-rated version of the film to make way for the milder version, which most likely will happen after the Oscars. The technical feat that allows this? The sound will be muted when King George utters the F-word, although you will still be able to see Firth mouth the words. When 'The King's Speech' was initially rated, the Weinsteins didn't back down from the R and cut the scenes -- but that was before the film started racking it up at the box office ($130 million internationally). The culprit in all this: The blue noses at CARA, who prefer gore, mutilation and bloodshed (rated PG-13) to an enlightening film about historical events with a couple of swear words.
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