From PopEater: Kirk Douglas delivered one of the funniest Oscar moments ever in his rambling build up to presenting the Best Supporting Actress award to Melissa Leo for 'The Fighter.'

Douglas first gave Anne Hathaway complements on her good looks. He then teased nominees by taking detours -- "you know," he kept repeating -- that kept him from revealing the winner. Nominees, including Hailee Steinfeld, Helena Bonham Carter and Leo's 'Fighter' co-star Amy Adams, laughed on.

He also played with the audience. "Hugh Jackman is laughing. I don't know why everybody in Australia thinks they are funny," Douglas joked, with some awkward pauses in audience laughter. "Colin Firth is not laughing," Douglas followed up. "He's British."

When Leo was finally announced as a winner, she hit the stage and immediately teased Douglas back. "You're pretty good looking yourself. What are you doing later on?"

But when it came down to her actual speech, Leo wasn't as smooth or spontaneous.

"I'm just shaking in my boots here," she said. "Yeah, I am kind of speechless."

The censors then had to get ready to hit the button as she gave a rare Academy Awards f-bomb. "When I watched Kate [Winslet] two years ago it looked so much f*cking easier."

Leo had been the clear favorite after her Golden Globes win for portraying boxing matriarch Alice Ward. But some wondered if the ads she took out saying 'Consider' would backfire and open the door for 14-year-old 'True Grit' star Hailee Steinfeld or even Leo's 'Fighter' co-star Amy Adams to win.

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