Sure, you can sit on your couch in boxers, alone, eating straight out of the ice cream container as visions of Natalie Portman (and Mila Kunis) dance around your head -- or you can tune right into Cinematical for another fantastic, fun-filled year of Oscars live-blogging, with not one, not two, but three of our best writers going out of their way to make sure your Oscars night isn't boring.

Beginning tonight at 8:30 ET, join Cinematical writers William Goss, David Ehrlich and Eric D. Snider as they devour Hollywood's biggest night in real time as if it were an In-N-Out burger with all the fixins. Can't watch the show? Wanna know who's winning what award as it happens? We've got you covered.

Tune in right here for Oscar commentary. We'll also be live-tweeting each winner as they're announced, so follow us @cinematical.

Our Oscars live-blog is now live. Click right here.

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