Product placement happens so frequently and so blatantly these days that even casual moviegoers have come to expect any given blockbuster is going to be filled with covert (or not-so-covert, in some cases) advertising. That in turn begs the question, what companies are the biggest offenders when it comes to product placement?

For the answer we turn to Brandchannel, a group that obsessively scours everything out of Hollywood and keeps a running tab of which companies are advertising in what films and how often. And just like every other aspect of the film industry, every year they reflect back on the prior year's films and give out awards. Only taking home a Brandcameo, which offers statues in categories like Worst Product Placement and Best Role in a Supporting Product Placement, isn't quite the same honor as taking home an Oscar.

Apple took home the top prize of the night, the 2010 Brandcameo Award for Overall Product Placement, for managing to squeeze its products -- be they iPods, iPads or iMacs -- into approximately 30 percent of the no. 1 films at the 2010 box office. Unsurprisingly, this is the second year in a row that Apple has laid claim to the dubious honor.

Hop below for the full list of the 2010 Brandcameo Award Winners.
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