Which is the more serious affliction plaguing society right now: our nation's growing obesity epidemic or Hollywood's growing fat suit epidemic? Before you answer, consider the fact that the third installment of 'Big Momma's House' has raked in more than $28 million at the box office. (See? We're all affected.)

Yes, when all else fails, movie-makers get lazy and lean on the big-bodied for big laughs -- or at least a few guilty chuckles. But Martin Lawrence isn't the only Hollywood heavyweight bulking up in the name of box-office returns. Join us as we slowly waddle down memory lane to rank the good, the bad and the bloated with our list of the 25 best movie fat suit performances.
My Mom's New Boyfriend
In Theaters on April 30th, 2008

An FBI agent spies on his mother (Meg Ryan) and her suspicious beau (Antonio Banderas). Read More