While all of Hollywood was busy celebrating the Oscars last night (or still talking about James Franco in drag, an image most of us would like to forget), some sad news hit Twitter: Filmmaker Gary Winick passed away at the too-young age of 49.

Cinetic's Matt Dentler broke the news, stating, "Gary Winick died today. Too late to make the Oscars tribute, but way too early. He leaves behind a legacy of supporting indie film and NYC." Winick would have turned 50 next month.

Best known for his work on films like 'Charlotte's Web,''Letters to Juliet' and '13 Going on 30', Winick's real legacy is something much greater than those films. The filmmaker will long be remembered by serious film fans for his efforts in spearheading the digital film revolution. Winick was one of the founders of InDigEnt, short for Independent Digital Entertainment, an organization that encouraged indie filmmakers to shoot their films on digital cameras and for under $100,000.
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