One of the zillion tweets posted during this year's Academy Awards said it best: "Tonight's show finally answers the whole 'What can't James Franco do?' thing." The famous multi-tasker may draw acclaim as an actor, a graduate student, a filmmaker and creator of art installations, but Franco flopped as co-host of the Academy Awards. Throughout the evening, his teleprompter readings seemed drab and forced, and as the show plodded along, he seemed more resigned to the fact that it just wasn't working.

Anne Hathaway, for her part, smiled gamely and carried on. After firing off an early gag about how demographic-minded a show this was going to be -- she and Franco were clearly hired as hosts in a desperate attempt to get younger audiences to tune in to a three-and-a-half-hour tribute to 'The King's Speech' -- she kept her energy levels aloft and actually seemed to be having a good time.
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