Amid the hundreds of other projects James Franco is taking on in between classes at Yale, Page Six reports that the actor and Oscar co-host is teaming up with experimental filmmaker Harmony Korine on a project involving real-life gang fights. "They are looking to film two actual street gangs doing a fight scene. The twist is they want the two gangs to fight, using real knives. The production team is panicked that they'll end up with blood, injuries and potentially dead bodies on set," one source told the New York Post.

Korine, best known as the writer of 'Kids' and director of the film 'Gummo,' has always been the type to take outrageous risks with his art. Case in point: His last film, 'Trash Humpers,' was about a bunch of elderly people who literally hump trash. Some see his stuff as pointless, while apparently James Franco sees it as an opportunity to team up with a like-minded individual.

A rep for Korine has confirmed that he's working with Franco on a project that involves gang fights, but wouldn't say anything else. This isn't the first time Korine has attempted a project involving fights; awhile back he was forced to ditch a video called 'Fight Harm' where he engaged in random street fights in New York because he was injured badly.

Hey, we love Franco's experimental side just as much as the next guy (or girl), but this seems exploitative, dangerous and kind of pointless. What do you think?
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