The Oscars are done, and by the look of it, so is James Franco's career as an Oscar host.

The multitalented star seemed to be sleepwalking through the entire show, delivering his lines half-heartedly. Perhaps the excitement of hosting and being nominated wore him out. Or perhaps, after Ricky Gervais' incendiary hosting at the Golden Globes, the Oscars' lighter comedic fare didn't motivate him much.

But enough with the past; it's time to set our sights on next year. We need a host who is funny, confident and has the stamina to host a four-hour show. Also, it would be really nice if he or she could sing and dance, or at least savagely make fun of people who sing and dance.

Who has the chops and Hollywood pedigree to pull that off? Keep reading to see who we think has the right stuff.