Last night on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Tom Hanks was on for a monster interview that included a hilarious 'Toddlers and Tiaras' spoof as well as the first clip from his summer 2011 film 'Larry Crowne.'

The clip features Hanks and co-star Julia Roberts and follows Larry Crowne (Hanks) as he rides alongside Roberts' vehicle on his moped while trying to get her attention. Problem is she's blasting music in order to drown out the annoying in-car navigation voice -- that is, until Crowne finally gets all up in her window ... literally.

Due in theaters July 1, 2011, 'Larry Crowne' is about man who attempts to reinvent himself after he's laid off by going back to college and befriending one of his professors (Roberts). This is only the second film Hanks has directed (the other being 'That Thing You Do' back in 1996), and he also co-wrote it with Nia Vardalos ('My Big Fat Greek Wedding').

Check out the clip after the jump. Note that it begins at about the one-minute mark.
Larry Crowne
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A middle-aged man (Tom Hanks) loses his job, enrolls in college, and reinvents himself. Read More

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