Twenty-five years ago today marked the end of a brief, but incredibly significant era -- the partnership of John Hughes and Molly Ringwald. Their final collaboration, 'Pretty in Pink,' hit theaters on February 28, 1986 (see what the cast has been up to here), and within a year, the Hughes high school experience was over. It started with 'Sixteen Candles' in 1984, and ended with 'Some Kind of Wonderful' in 1987; three years, only six films and yet the Hughes teen ouevre still reigns supreme.

Furthermore, to this day, no teen star earns the lasting notoriety Ringwald gained. Though she only starred in half of Hughes' popular teen fare, she defines the generation, as well as the idea of the high school heroine. Hollywood hasn't forgotten high school turmoil and continues to revisit it, though where is today's teen archetype who defines a generation?
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