Though 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' didn't win an Oscar last night, the documentary world is not done with the artist known as Banksy. Now that we've seen him grab the camera and craft a living art piece to comment on consumerist art culture, we get to see what happens to those who try to make a buck off the free art littered in Banksy's wake.

Filmmakers Alper Cagatay and Christopher Thompson have cooked up a new documentary called 'How to Sell a Banksy.' From the film's website:

Banksy's work now reportedly changes hands for millions. But he puts up his street art for free. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got your hands on one of these? ... [The film] raises questions of ownership, authentication and the true value of art itself. Through all the chaos and incompetence comes a modern-day, true-story, crime-theft, comedy-caper.

In other words, some guys hunt down Banksy graffiti, do what they can to pull it down, sometimes in tatters, and try to sell it, whilst filming their journey. At this rate, a Banksy ride that exits into a gift shop doesn't seem like such a far-fetched idea.

A trailer for the new documentary has hit the web, and you can see it for yourself after the jump.