YouTube makeup tutorial divas often end up more expired drag queen rather than anything resembling glamorous (to each her own), but it's still fascinating to watch boys and girls of the interwebs plaster their faces and try to create some interesting looks.

Promise Tamang Phan is "just a normal girl that loves makeup," who transforms her look to mimic different celebs and fictional characters. The results are dramatic -- especially her transformation into 'Salt' star Angelina Jolie.

Although she has no professional training, Promise proves herself to be a wizard with the brush when she makes an incredible and creepy metamorphosis into the pouty-lipped actress. Her presto-changeo into wannabe actress Kim Kardashian is also pretty striking (perhaps proof that Kardashian bots do exist).

If Angelina isn't your thing, check out tutorials on Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox and even Johnny Depp. While Promise seems to have a face more suited for brunette starlets, her tips and tricks to create your own Hollywood looks are helpful for everyone. Check out a few of her tutorials after the jump, and let us know if she makes the cut for Tinseltown's most popular talent.