Our Top 10 Picks for This Week:

1. 'Bambi.' My first movie with my mother; Walt Disney terrified me. DVD upgrade. Buy.

2. 'Out of Sight.' George Clooney romances Jennifer Lopez. Slick and sensual. DVD upgrade. Buy.

3. 'The Cable Guy.' Demented Jim Carrey terrorizes Matthew Broderick. DVD upgrade. Rent.

4. '127 Hours.' Oscar host cuts off arm in drama based on real life. New to home video. Rent.

5. 'Love & Other Drugs.' Other Oscar host takes off clothes in romance based on real life. New to home video. Rent.

6. 'Daughters of Darkness.' From 1971, when vampires were dark and erotic, not sparkly and chaste. DVD upgrade. Rent.

7. 'Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould (Director's Cut).' Piano prodigy. Rent.

8. 'Burlesque.' Cher sings! Christina dances! We have better things to do! New to home video. Skip.

9. 'Faster.' Duane Johnson beats up people. New to home video. Skip.

10. 'Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster.' Sequel. Really? Kill me now. Direct to home video. Skip.

After the jump: See our rating system in action, read in-depth coverage on a personal pick by yours truly (hint: it ain't the deer movie), vote in our poll for "Must Buy of the Week," share the Blu-rays you've been watching lately and catch up on the latest release announcements.
In Theaters on August 13th, 1942

A fawn learns the ways of the wild from his mother and a host of woodland friends. Read More

The Cable Guy
In Theaters on June 14th, 1996

An unbalanced cable-TV installer (Jim Carrey) plagues an architect (Matthew Broderick). Read More

Out of Sight
Based on 30 critics

A federal marshal (Jennifer Lopez) and a robber (George Clooney) fall for each other. Read More