At this point there's no Tim Burton remake that could surprise us. 'Sleepy Hollow'? 'Planet of the Apes'? 'Sweeney Todd'? 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'? 'Alice in Wonderland'? How about the upcoming 'Dark Shadows'? If there's something that's already been made, Tim Burton will happily remake it with his own patented and still slightly unique spin. Case in point: at HeatVision informs us that Mr. Burton and actor Josh Brolin are interested in collaborating on a new version of 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame."

The project may have to wait a while (Burton's a busy guy), but Warner Bros. now has Kieran and Michele Mulroney ('Paper Man,' 'Sherlock Holmes 2') working on the screenplay. HV indicates that this project is Brolin's baby all the way, and that a full green won't be achieved until Burton signs off on the screenplay. (Like the man has been all that interested in screenplays lately.)

If Burton's last few remakes are any indication, Esmeralda will be played by Helena Bonham Carter covered in CGI, and of course we'll also see Johnny Depp as a garishly-attired freak of some variety. Then again, maybe Mr. Brolin and the Mulroneys will bring something cool to the table and help bring back the Tim Burton we know and still love. The last good 'Hunchback' rendition was a Disney flick, of course, and not exactly one of the finest ones, so perhaps it's actually a good time for Quasimodo to make another tragic return.
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