Talk to any filmmaker worth their artistic salt about what it's like making a movie within the Hollywood system these days and chances are good you'll get an earful about how focus groups have become the bane of their craft. Films aren't simply made by a director working with a group of producers these days; they're molded into a theatrical cut only after being ground through a marketing-driven committee process wherein the film is shown to a group of test subjects who then essentially give a thumbs up, thumbs down to every aspect of the movie.

If enough people in a test focus group say they don't like something in a film, chances are a studio is going to retool it (either by reshoots, re-edits or simply dropping the element from a film entirely) until it passes committee muster. And as terrible as that can be for a filmmaker, incorporating feedback from a focus group is just part of regular business that most have come to, if not respect, at least tolerate. We're curious, then, how filmmakers feel about the newest trend in focus group testing: Neurocinema.