Some rich people shack up with porn stars and go on a crazy coke bender; others create the world's first commercial spaceline. Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic isn't just for suborbital space science missions and hurling satellites into the air -- his company's services are now part of the swag bag that Oscar losers get to take home.

Branson -- who is famous for being the British guy who started Virgin Records and spending his bazillions trying to make several wacky attempts at breaking world records -- has been refining his spacecraft business, which will allow a handful of paying passengers to ascend into Earth's atmosphere. Passengers fly high enough to experience weightlessness. Final details about the first commercial launches for the fleet of ships -- two of which are named after 'Star Trek''s Enterprise and Voyager -- are being finalized, but 2011's Oscar losers would be among the first to take a trip.
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