'The Adjustment Bureau' Unscripted Interview with Matt Damon and Emily BluntMatt Damon and Emily Blunt sat down with Moviefone to chat about their upcoming sci-fi thriller 'The Adjustment Bureau,' muse on fate and free will, discuss the importance of being from Boston, and answer the question we're all dying to know: Have you ever touched a monkey?

We're not sure what's going on, but this is the second Unscripted in a row that covers the topic of vomit. At our 'Just Go With It' Unscripted, Adam Sandler asked Jennifer Aniston about the last time she vomited, and now Matt gets Emily to act out a "throw-up take." I hope it's not on us!

It's not all about getting sick, however. Emily runs down the five reasons you should watch 'The Adjustment Bureau,' which include Matt in a fedora and Emily dancing. We're not sure what kind of dancing, but if you're like us, you enjoy watching Emily do just about anything.

Whether you're a fan of sci-fi or simians, you'll enjoy these two asking each other your questions -- and a few of their own -- in our 'Adjustment Bureau' Unscripted.

And when you're done watching the Unscripted, check out 'The Adjustment Bureau' Your Life Adjusted video project!

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