Charlie Sheen may be an out-of-control, drug-addicted, wife-beating, unrepentant egomaniac, but he does provide amazing soundbites.

Everyone has their eyes and ears glued to the star of 'The Arrival' because of his ability to gleefully egg on the media with his proudly insane rantings (and because there is a very distinct possibility that he might die in a cocaine-fueled fireball sometime in the next seven days). It's important that we document every lesson he imparts on us, much in the way that we preserved the words of Aristotle, Thomas Jefferson and John Ruskin.

Some may say that Sheen's statements are the proof that makes it impossible for the public to forgive his actions. But Moviefone and ComicsAlliance have offered up visual counter-proof that Sheen's quotes actually can make our pop culture history even better.
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