50. 'Adventures in Babysitting' (1987)
The scene: The gang sings 'The Babysitting Blues'

"Nobody gets out of this place without singing the blues," says legendary musician Albert Collins, kicking off a movie moment that infused an '80s teen comedy with some real Chicago blues. Elisabeth Shue was never more crush-worthy than in this sequence; it is her energetic performance alone that saves this scene from being lost to time. -- Eric Larnick
The Bridge on the River Kwai
In Theaters on December 18th, 1957

A British colonel (Alec Guinness) builds a bridge for his Japanese captor (Sessue Hayakawa). Read More

The Big Chill
Based on 11 critics

Ex-college friends (William Hurt, Glenn Close, Kevin Kline) share a nostalgic weekend. Read More

8 Mile
Based on 38 critics

A young man (Eminem) in Detroit tries to overcome obstacles and achieve success as a rapper. Read More

Pulp Fiction
Based on 24 critics

Two hit men (John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson), a boxer and a crime boss meet their fates. Read More

Adventures in Babysitting
In Theaters on July 1st, 1987

Chicago baby sitter (Elisabeth Shue) drives downtown with kids (Maia Brewton, Keith Coogan). Read More

The Fabulous Baker Boys
In Theaters on November 2nd, 2003

Two piano-playing brothers hire an attractive singer to spice up their failing cocktail lounge act. Read More

Coming to America
Based on 15 critics

An African prince (Eddie Murphy) and his royal sidekick (Arsenio Hall) come to Queens. Read More

Shaun of the Dead
Based on 34 critics

An aimless TV salesman (Simon Pegg) and his friend battle zombies. Read More

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October 22, 2016
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Hustle & Flow
Based on 37 critics

A pimp (Terrence Howard) wants to rap his way out of his dead-end life. Read More

Where the Wild Things Are
Based on 37 critics

A mischievous boy (Max Records) enters a magical land and becomes King of All Wild Things. Read More

Blue Velvet
Based on 14 critics

A man (Kyle MacLachlan) ties the mystery of a severed ear to a roadhouse floozy and her tormentor. Read More

Based on 13 critics

Ghoul (Michael Keaton) helps dead couple (Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis) evict obnoxious homeowners. Read More

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October 24, 2016
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My Best Friend's Wedding
Based on 23 critics

A woman (Julia Roberts) tries to ruin her friend's (Dermot Mulroney) marriage plans. Read More

The Silence of the Lambs
Based on 17 critics

An FBI agent (Jodie Foster) uses one murderer (Anthony Hopkins) to catch another. Read More

October 23, 2016
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Annie Hall
In Theaters on April 20th, 1977

A New York comedian (Woody Allen) recalls his kooky lost love (Diane Keaton). Read More

Boogie Nights
Based on 28 critics

A producer guides a man to success in the porn industry, but greed and egotism lead to his downfall. Read More

Office Space
Based on 30 critics

A white-collar worker (Ron Livingston) rebels against corporate drudgery. Read More

The Deer Hunter
Based on 7 critics

Steelworker friends (Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, John Savage) face horrors in Vietnam. Read More

The Man Who Knew Too Much
In Theaters on February 26th, 1999

Plotters kidnap a U.S. couple's (James Stewart, Doris Day) son to hide a London assassination. Read More

The Wedding Singer
Based on 21 critics

An entertainer (Adam Sandler) and a waitress (Drew Barrymore) work at weddings. Read More

10 Things I Hate About You
Based on 26 critics

A student can't date till her older sister (Julia Stiles) does. Read More

Some Like It Hot
Not Yet Rated1959
In Theaters on July 29th, 1959

Two guys (Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon) on the run pose as members of an all-girl band. Read More

October 24, 2016
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American Psycho
Based on 35 critics

An insane '80s-era yuppie (Christian Bale) indulges in kinky sex and mayhem. Read More

October 24, 2016
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Reality Bites
In Theaters on February 18th, 1994

An aspiring filmmaker follows the paths of her friends after they graduate from college in Texas. Read More