The problem with 'Blade Runner' emerging from the ashes of its initial critical and financial failure to become known as one of the greatest science fiction movies of all time (said without an iota of hyperbole, thank you very much), is that it runs the risk of becoming just another popular commodity, ready to be used and abused by the powers that be. Now that Ridley Scott's epic sci-fi film noir is officially the prettiest girl at the ball, everyone wants to get their hands on her.

So many others have tried, but it looks like Alcon Entertainment has succeeded: Variety reports that the production company is in final negotiations to secure film and TV rights to 'Blade Runner,' allowing them to do whatever they want with the franchise (man, 'Blade Runner' is a "franchise" now) short of remaking it. After all, this girl does have some measure of class.

You are forgiven if your initial reaction is one of abject horror -- How Dare They Tamper With This Masterpiece! -- it's only natural. Alcon's deal will allow them to play in the 'Blade Runner' sandbox, letting them produce prequels and sequels to the original 1982 film in any media. A brief perusal through science fiction film history will reveal many great movies having their reputations tarnished by both sequels ('Alien'!) and prequels ('Star Wars'!), so getting up in arms and raging into the internet feels like the only appropriate action.
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