Oh, Charlie Sheen. As his rap sheet details, he's never had an adult life free of turmoil. But just when we thought that he couldn't top a drug-fueled bender at the Plaza Hotel, a night that resulted in thousands of dollars in damages and an escort locked naked in a bathroom, 2011 hit. On January 27, the actor started spiraling further out of control when he was hospitalized with "severe abdominal pains" and began an apparently self-created in-home rehab program. Nearly a month later, he called into a radio show ranting about 'Two and a Half Men' creator Chuck Lorre, got fired, demanded a 50 percent raise, was sued when he tried to stop his uncle from taking his spot, lost his publicist, and had his kids taken away from him as he began to partake in a series of wildly weird interviews.

In Sheen's estimation, "can't is the cancer of happen," and after he "exposed people to magic" with his drug use and partying, "dying's for fools" and he's ready to take care of his family. He won't, in his mind, fall back into drugs because he's "too smart" for that. It's been a wildly public spiral downward, one that's shown no signs of stopping, even if Sheen is keen to move on and make a sequel to 'Major League.'
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