Demetri Martin is a smart, busy guy.

The stand-up comedian stars this Friday as a wheelchair-bound Goldman Sachs employee in the '80's-themed comedy 'Take Me Home Tonight' with Topher Grace and Anna Faris, but that doesn't even scratch the surface of what Martin's been up to.

In real life, he has a book coming out ('This Is a Book,' due April 25), he wrote a pilot script for CBS and a film script for DreamWorks, and he's trying to teach himself how to sing, to add to his other random talents.

The comedian, known for his hyper-literal observations and his witty one-liners, talked to Moviefone about what he was up to in the '80s, his crossword-puzzle-making hobby, his favorite Beatles song and the importance of writing your own way into Hollywood.
Take Me Home Tonight
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