Johnny Depp couldn't deliver a bad performance if he tried, and the fact that he continues to work with Tim Burton suggests that he's trying very, very hard (I'd apologize for snarking at an easy target, but 'Alice in Wonderland' won two Oscars on Sunday, which has to go down as the worst cinematic injustice since 'The Wolfman' won an Oscar about four minutes earlier). Depp is an irrepressible talent who remains eminently watchable even in some truly unwatchable films, and if the early buzz on Gore Verbinski's 'Rango' is to be trusted it would seem as if his unique charms have made the leap from hobo-chic human to leathery lizard intact. The mumbling goateed wonder has time and time again unearthed depths from characters that seemed completely bereft of such things, his complex and complete portrayals of paper-thin parts like Jack Sparrow and Ichabod Crane have meant the difference between his work being iconic rather than merely effective.

Also, people want to have sex with him. Even when he played an unwashed alcoholic pirate or a deranged torturer of children, people still wanted to have sex with him. Even when he had giant scissors for hands or suffered from the worst case of Syphilis the cinema has ever known ('The Libertine'), people still wanted to have sex with him. And yet even though in his very best role Depp's handsomeness was allowed to go unimpeded throughout almost the entire film, you seldom hear people talk about how much they want to get it on with 'Ed Wood.'
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