Recently it was announced that Judd Apatow's next feature (that he writes and directs) will follow a storyline that centers on Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann's characters from 'Knocked Up.' It's a bit hard to define the type of movie it is in one word, but think along the lines of what 'Get Him to the Greek' was to 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall.' In a new interview with Screen Junkies, Apatow explained that his episodic background in television is why he's so fond of telling different stories with the same characters, adding that we'll definitely be seeing other characters from the original 'Knocked Up' world when the film hits theaters on June 1, 2012. Apatow tells the site:

"I'm a television writer, so I always want another episode. I always want another 80 episodes. That's why after 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall,' we said, 'What else can we do with this character Russell Brand has created here?' I felt that way about Pete and Debbie from 'Knocked Up.'"

On which characters from 'Knocked Up' we might see in addition to Pete and Debbie, Apatow says a lot of it depends on scheduling:

"I'm trying to figure out how to do that. A lot of it just depends on people's availabilities and the story I'm trying to tell, who fits into that story. There definitely will be other people from Knocked Up in the movie."

The writer/director/producer added that it was "too early to know" whether Katherine Heigl would be asked to return after she very publicly (and moronically) bashed the first film for being too sexist.

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